Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exciting News!!!! My First Giveaway!!!!

Hello pet lovers! I have some special and exciting news for you! May 2-8th, 2010 is National Pet Week! In honor of this, I am sponsoring my very first giveaway!

The dog themed prize package includes an awesome coffee cup for the pet parent, some treats, a toy, some collar charms, and my personal favorite.....a pink doggie Snuggie, size small (perfect for doxies). You may think dog snuggies are silly, but Dex just loves his, and look how cute he looks....

Now the one in the prize package is pink, so it may be better suited for a girl, or to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness, which is an awesome cause! The prize pack can also be used by the winner as a donation to your local shelter. That is the best part of winning, you get to do what ever you want with the prize. So you know you all want to enter, right? Well then let me tell you how.....

National Pet Week Giveaway
Rules and Entry Opportunities

1. You must be a follower of this blog, either on the blogger website or networked blogs. This will count as 1 entry, and is a requirement to win.

2. You can follow my other two blogs, and get 1 additional entry for each that you follow:
3. You can follow my husband's blog, Crank Crank Revolution, to gain 2 entries (because I think he is brilliant and I would like more people to read his work).

4. If you are on Facebook, you can "like" my blog fan page here, to get 2 entries.

5. You can post an entry on your blog about this giveaway, linking this post to your blog, to get 1 entry.

6. Tell me your favorite thing about being a pet parent, to get 1 entry.

7. Finally, leave me a comment on this blog entry listing all of the things that you did on this list, and you will gain 1 additional entry. Be sure to leave your email address in the comment!

So as you can see, you can, pretty easily, earn up to 10 entries in my giveaway!!!!!

All entries/comments must be posted by 12:01 am Eastern Standard Time on May 9th, which is when the contest ends. The winner will be selected using a random number selector and will be posted by midnight, EST on May 9th. We will contact the winner via email (so please be sure to leave it in the comment) to arrange for shipping.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via email, which you can find in the sidebar.

My favorite thing about being a pet parent is when on the weekends, Dexter and I get up early so he can go outside, then we go upstairs to snuggle into bed with Daddy. Nora will hop on the bed too, and we all take a family nap together. In those moments, all is right in the world.

So there you have it, that is what I love best. I told you mine, now you tell me yours.



A MilShelb Mom said...

Ok. I already follow this blog and your Tales from a Small Town. I wrote a blog linking to this blog and also wrote about what I like about being a pet parent on that blog. Here's the link.

What a cool giveaway!

Ashley said...

My favorite thing about being a pet parent is having my dog to snuggle up with on the couch while we watch tv.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

I'm a new google follower.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about being a pet parent is kitty kisses! Love the giveaway idea - just hope the next one is for Kitties (we have 6!) I became a fan of your blog site, your husbands blog, your book blog and left a comment. Thanks Tiffany! wendysue_30 at yahoo . com ~Wendy

For the Love of Dogs said...

Great Giveaway! I found your sight through A Milshelb Mom's blog and i'm now a follower!

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Hillarie's comment posted on my FB page, because of the networked blogs link, so I am adding her in to the mix, and wanted to include her in the comments for others to see:

Hillarie Boggs- Ruckman: ok not sure where this is going to be posted at but i think i have done just about everything on the list LOL now for me to tell you why i like being a pet owner parent....well i really love animals and really need to work in an animal hosp. That would be the coolest job ever. I have 2 dogs 2 cats and now 2 bunnies. They are all like a part of the family....they even go "Bye Byes" with us.

armymecswfie said...

My favorite thing about being a pet (furbaby) parent is that they always love me whether I am upset, mad, sick and they all cuddle with me when I am sick. My two dogs, Hercules (a white lab) and Toby (a schnoodle) are very protective of me and my daughters, especially when my husband is away (he is active duty army). We also have two cats, Sarge and Charlie (Maine Coon) who just love to be right in the middle of where all the action is. If we are watching tv then they are all 4 right there with us. We also have a teddy bear hamster named Boo Boo, and he loves being out in his ball raising a ruckus with all the other furbabies. Charlie, our youngest furbaby, will instigate all the other animals if they are all resting and cozy. He will walk in and tap Toby on the behind and they start chasing each other. It is just great having them. I don't even remember what it was like not to ever have them in our lives.

I am following all the blogs you listed (which I can't wait to get back to reading the book blog. I love to read). I linked you in my status on FB. I "liked" you on FB and I just told you what I love the most about being a pet parent!! :)

Hannalei said...

Here's my link my dear. I'm doing everything listed. My e-mail is

I even posted within the above link as to why being a pet parent is wonderful.

May the best hooparent & pup or catkins win. :) Furbulous giveaway!

TZel said...

I am following you ;)

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Mona and Sarah are now entered too, she posted her comment on this entry: