Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dexter is a hot mess...

Usually, of all three pets, Dexter is the most sane.  Chloe is still in her awkward puppy stages, and Nora is a typical cat that vacillates between sleeping all day, and racing around the house at the speed of light.  Dex tends to be pretty calm, and just kind of chills most of the time.

So, imagine my surprise when I walked down the stairs yesterday to see him sitting in his crate with his blanket on his nose.  And I do not mean he had is draped around his nose, oh no.  He had chewed a hole in it, and had pushed his nose through the hole.  I went upstairs to grab my phone to take a pic for Hubby, and by the time I returned downstairs, this is what I saw.

This is my dog Dexter.  Wearing his blanket.  As a dress.  FACEPALM.

Dexter had wriggled his body through the hole, until he was wearing the blanket as a a dress.

What a hot mess.

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Crank Crank Revolution said...

Not pictured: Dexter's dignity