Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry Friends- by Dexter

Dear friends,
I am so sorry that Nora and I have not been blogging so much this summer.  Mommy has been so busy with a summer reading challenge she was working on over at her other blog.  She read and reviewed 55 books this summer.  Mommy has also been working hard to lose weight.  I am so proud of her, she looks so pretty!
I know she is going to keep up the hard work!

This summer has been great, we have gone on a few day trips, and have visited our friends a lot, had a party, and a few cook outs.  We are getting ready for Daddy's birthday this weekend!

There was one not so awesome thing that happened this summer- we had a bat in our house for a few days.  Both Mommy and Daddy blogged about it.  And the worst part, for Daddy's blog, he got the bright idea to dress me up like a bat to help recreate the whole thing.

How embarrassing.

So that is pretty much what has been keeping us busy.  How have all of you been?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Hello to all my pawsome readers and friends!  It is time to announce the winners of the Oscar's Gourmet Giveaway.

A random number was drawn from the entries:
And entry number 63 belonged to Erin over at Just a Small Town Girl, and the pet parent to Rosie, who is a good friend of Dexter's.  We are very excited for Rosie to try the treats!

Thanks to all who entered, and to all the readers of The Tales of Dexter and Nora!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oscar's Gourmet Review and Giveaway

I am so excited to be able to share another great product with my pet owner friends.  A couple of months ago, I discovered a shop on Etsy and Ebay called Oscar’s Gourmet.

Oscar’s Gourmet is run by Dina, and is named for her pug Oscar.  Dina specializes in delicious, organic treats for dogs, which she makes from scratch at her home.  If you go to the Oscar’s Gourmet Facebook page, you can see a video of how Dina makes the treats.  Using nothing  but wholesome ingredients, Dina makes these goodies with lots of love.

I, well, Dexter, had a chance to sample some treats from Oscar’s Gourmet.  Dex was so excited when the mail came that day, it was like he just knew what deliciousness was awaiting him.  He could not wait to get the package open, as you can see.  I have never seen a dog so excited.

We first tried the Sweet Potato.  I think Dexter about lost his mind, it was so delicious!  

 Then we tried the Peanut Butter, which to this day is his favorite.  He would have eaten all the treats at once had I not stopped him. 

Dexter was so happy about the treats, I immediately went and placed an order.  We got the order within just a few days, and I was just as excited as Dex, because Dina packages the treats so nicely.  It is a great presentation!

Because Dina uses natural ingredients, you never have to worry about what your dog is eating if you give him or her Oscar’s Gourmet treats.  Some of the treats, like the Tuna Snacks, are even suitable for cats (Nora loves these!)  Dina also makes adorable pet beds.  They look so soft and comfortable.

So, now for the fun part.  I consider myself really lucky that I found Oscar’s Gourmet, and I decided I wanted to help all of you discover these great treats as well.  So, Dina is sponsoring a giveaway of some Oscar’s Gourmet treats for my readers!  The prize pack includes come Apple Ginger Scoops, Mint Carob Chip Scoops, 2 adorably shaped Peanut Butter snacks, and some Carrot Delights.

So, here is the giveaway info:

1.        You must be a follower of The Tales of Dexter and Nora, and you must be a U.S. or Canadian Resident.
2.       Mandatory Entry:  You must tell me your favorite thing listed in the Oscar’s Gourmet Etsy shop.  You must do this for any of the additional entries to count.

Now, my whole goal in featuring Oscar’s Gourmet on my blog is to let other people know how wonderful these treats are.  So, if you help me with this, you can earn extra entries in the giveaway!
1.       Go to the Oscar’s Gourmet Facebook page and “like” it.  Worth 5 entries.
2.       Blog about this giveaway.  Worth 10 entries.
3.       Tweet about this giveaway.  Worth 5 entries.
4.       Post this giveaway on your Facebook Page.  Worth 5 entries.

The giveaway will end at 12:01 am on Saturday, August 14th.  So, hurry up and tell the world how fabulous Oscar’s Gourmet is!