Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More cousins- by Dexter

What a weekend I had with Mommy and Daddy!  We went to visit Uncles Denny and Paul in Ohio.  Also, I got to meet my cousins, Seamus and Una.  They are whippets. 

Uncle Denny was afraid they would try to push me around because they were so much bigger than me, but I actually ended up pushing them around a little.  Mostly I played with Una, Seamus sort of kept to himself.  But we all did talk and play, and I had a blast!

We did hit a couple of bumps in the road.  I lost a tooth at Uncle Denny's house.  Mommy kept it, and when we got home, the Doggie Tooth Fairy came and brought me a chew toy.

Also, on the ride home from the visit, I got a little car sick, at least that what all Mommy thought it was.  But the next day, I was sick again.  Mommy thinks I probably licked something up off the floor that my tummy was not used to, because I did not act sick, I wanted to run and jump and play.  I seem to be ok now, so Mommy is letting me play more, and today, I get to eat my regular food instead of boring rice and hamburger.

So, what did you do this weekend?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paw it Forward-by Nora and Dexter

Last week, we were invited, along with Mommy, to take place in a very fun thing called Paw it Forward.  We learned about this from our friend Maggie Mae over at Maggie Mae Says.  Her bloggy is so cute, you should check it out.  We are so happy to have made such a good furend in Maggie Mae!

Anyway, the game works like this.  Someone, in this case Maggie Mae, sends a box of pressies to three furends.  Those 3 furends send pressies to 3 of their furends, and it just keeps going on and on.  How cool is this?!

So, yesterday, when Mommy got home from lunch her friends, she saw a box on our doorstep, and she knew that it was our box from Maggie Mae!  YAY!

Mommy brought the box inside and we opened it up

We pulled out all the pressies, starting with the lovely card from Maggie Mae.
First, we opened Nora's pressies.  They included two different sets of mousie toys, and some delicious treats.

What awesome pressies Nora got, she was a very very happy kitty.

Next, we got to open Dexter's pressies.  He was so excited, he opened them all by himself.
Dexter's pressies included a squeaky blue hamburger, a squeaky blue dog, and some yummy treats.  He was over the moon with happiness and excitement.

Maggie Mae even included a pressie for Mommy.  It was maple syrup from Maggie Mae's home state of New York!

What a wonderful box of pressies for us!  Thank you so much Maggie Mae and mommy, we just love everything.  (Dexter even took his hamburger to bed with him last night!)

So, now, here is for the BEST part.  We get to Paw it Forward!  That means, the first 3 furends or their mommies who leave us a comment saying they want to play Paw it Forward will get special pressies from us!  You will need to leave us your email address in the comment, so Mommy can contact you or your mommy to get a little bit of information.  We hope that some of our furends will want to play Paw it Forward with us, to keep spreading around the happiness!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dexter got to attend his very first doggie event today, with Mommy and Daddy, what a fun way to celebrate Daddy's first furry Father's Day!

We found out about the event from our doggie cousin, Bella, who is a pug.  The event was Pugmania, but all small breeds were welcome, so off we went.

Dex had a BLAST!  We got him a toy, and a hat, and he got lots of snuggles and pets from everyone!  He made so many new friends, and I am so impressed with how well behaved he was the whole time.  We did not think we would stay long, but we ended up staying for 3 hours!  Dex got to see a horse for the first time too!  Dex was such a good boy, and he really tired himself out.  He slept the whole way home!

I made two collages with some of the great pictures we got. 

 I also got some videos:

As you can see, a good time was had by all!

I am taking over, by Dexter

Hello friends, Dexter here.  Mommy has been so busy this week that she has not had time to write to you, so, once again, I am taking over her laptop to tell you what I have been up to.

First off, Mommy got a present from Grandma Barb that looks like me!  Check it out, I took some pictures for you!

Technically, he is not a toy.  He is a bath scrubby for Mommy, but she said he is too cute to actually used for that.  He is as big as I am!
And I think he would be a great playmate!

In other news, I got to visit with Grandma Barb yesterday, and with Alex.  Daddy took us all for ice cream.  Mommy did not go, she said her back was hurting from a long walk she took yesterday morning.  So, we went for ice cream, yum, and then we went to Grandma's house. 

Since the last time I was there, Grandma got this big thing called a trampoline.  I was allowed to explore it with Alex, but they said no jumping, because I am too little, and I might get hurt.  Still, it was really fun!

We had a total blast.

And in the most exciting news of all.....Mommy picked the winner for the CSN Stores giveaway, and she said I can be the one to tell you who it is!

Mommy used something called to pick the winner:

So that means the winner was edmonton jb, otherwise known as Jonnie from a very cute blog called MoM of BoYs with ToYs .  If you get a chance you should definitely check out her blog, Mommy thinks is is almost as cute as I am!

Well, it is just about time for me to have my post-breakfast nappy, so I am going to sign off.  Mommy says hello to all her fine friends, and promises she will write more this week!

Have a wonderful Fathers day to all the pet daddies and the daddies of people babies as well!
Love, Dexter

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shop cat

The other night, Hubby and I were bored, so I suggested we go for a drive, something I have loved doing since I was a little girl.  We decided to take Dexter with us, since he loves riding in the car.  From the moment we set off, he was one happy pup.  While we drive slow in town, he hangs his head out the window, taking in all the sites.  Once we were on the highway though, he watched from the safety of Mommy's lap.  (I once read how bad it is to let your dog hang his head out of the window when going more than like 10 miles per hour, because debris can hit them, and injure their eyes and face.)

Finally, we got on to more back roads, and ended up in a little town called Vandergrift.  We drove around, looking at the little shops, and Hubby showed me where a cute little used book store was.  As we were driving around, we drove past this store, obviously closed, with all these little knick knacks and things in the window.  Things that included a cat.

At first, we thought nothing of it, figuring it was a fake cat.  But then, I swore I saw the cat move.  I insisted Hubby pull over, so that I could investigate.  I took Dexter with me, you know, for protection.

We got a little closer, and still could not be sure.

Finally, Dex and I got right up to the window, and realized, she was in fact, a real kitty!
Poor thing, she must have been so bored and lonely.  Perhaps she was part of the security system :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Splish Splash!

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend E, who is now taking care of Rosie, and she mentioned that Rosie had been scratching her skin a lot lately, but there was no sign of fleas.  I told E that Dexter has dry skin, and I hear it is common in doxies, so I bought him special shampoo, as well as an oil for his food that the vet gave me.  I then offered to let Rosie try the shampoo if E wanted to bring her over for some pampering.

E and Rosie walked to our house yesterday, and Rosie got some major spa treatment!  From the minute I put her in my sink, and started wetting her down, she was in heaven.  Have you ever seen a dog smile so big?

She just knew we were going to make her gorgeous!  Dexter was a little upset however, because he wanted to know what we were doing to his lady.  He hopped all over the kitchen the entire time.

To make sure she was really clean, and help get rid of some of that winter coat that was shedding, we washed her twice, and used a special doggie scrub brush that you can use on wet or dry fur.  She was in heaven, and did not even complain when we had to get her face wet!  We then went on to rinse her real good, and I showed E how to do the squeak test to make sure all the shampoo was rinsed out (you rubbed their fur, and it literally squeaks when rinsed properly).

Then we dried Miss Rose off with a big fluffy towel, before transporting her to the living room for cuddles and more drying.

Once she was all dry, we checked out her ears, which were nice and clean, and tried to trim her nails, but she was a little skittish.  We will have to work up to that I think.  But all in all she was so good, that I gave her a nice organic healthy doggie treat (E has her on a weight reduction plan).

Finally, the two pups were reunited, and spent the next two hours playing.

Rosie went home tired, clean, and very happy.

Hugs and kisses Miss Rose!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hop to it!

I am participating in some Friday blog hops, so be sure to check them out!


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snuggle time with the kids

Today, I have had a chance to spend quality time with both Dexter and Nora.

I got up early, and did some things around the house, then decided to lay down and read for a little bit.  I went up to our bedroom, and snuggled under the comforter.  I had only read about 5 pages when Nora jumped up on the bed.  Normally, she will just lay beside me, but today, she climbed onto my chest and laid on the book, as if to say "no more reading, pay attention to ME." Who can argue with that.

Then, after we snuggled, I came down to take Dex outside to potty.  When we came in, he was in the mood to play, so he has been running around ever since.  But for a while he wanted to sit on my lap, so I picked him up and we snuggled, and played what I call the Flirt Game.  He will give me a kiss, and then look away real shy.  Then I give him a kiss, and look away.  This goes on forever, or until Nora saunters into the room and he decides he wants to chase her, and leaps off the couch. 

It is little moments like these that I love so much.  While their needs, personalities, and types of  companionship they offer are very very different, I know that both Nora and Dex love me, and I love them to pieces.  I make sure to tell them so every day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Giveaway Courtesy of CSN Stores!

I am so excited to announce a new giveaway courtesy of CSN stores!  CSN is a collection of online stores that sell a variety of different merchandise for different needs.  Because all of us here are pet lovers, I am giving away a gift certificate to the Pets by CSN Store!

One of the greatest things about Pets by CSN is they are able to serve a variety of different types of pets; dogs, cats, fish, and bunnies, just to name a few!

There is a variety of merchandise available as well, including...



Pet houses and furniture

Even travel needs!

Pets by CSN just has a ton of products to offer, and now, you get a chance to win something fabulous, or should I say, furbulous!  And since it is a gift certificate, YOU get to choose what you win.  The gift certificate is worth $40.

Here is what you have to do:

Mandatory to enter:

You must visit Pets by CSN and look at their merchandise, then leave me a comment telling me what you would use the $40 gift certificate to get.  This is the required entry, and must be done in order for any bonus entries to count.

Opportunities for bonus entries:

Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect +1

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You must leave a separate comment for each thing that you do, and it must include your email address (non spam form is fine).  For any of the bonuses that have more than one entry, just note in each comment, for example, "blogged the giveaway #1,", "blogged the giveaway #2, email"

The contest will end at 12:01 am EST on June 18th.  A random number generator will be used to select the winner, who will be contacted via email.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond, before a new winner will be chosen.

If you have ANY questions please contact me via email at tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com.

Good luck, and have fun!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mommy says I am spoiled-by Dexter

Mommy says I am a spoiled little puppy.  She knows I have her wrapped around my little paw.

The other night, Mommy wanted ice cream, and I had been being pretty good for a few days, so Mommy said I could come along.  I did not know where we were going until we got there, and I saw people coming out of the building with mile high ice cream cones.  I thought Dad was never going to come back with mine.  But he finally did....

what, no more?

I can not tell you how happy ice cream makes me.  But I eat it so fast it gives me a headache.  Mine was gone before we left the parking lot, and then I shivered all the way home.

And of course, Mommy held me to warm me up.  
She is right, I am spoiled.