Saturday, August 27, 2011

Write a Post, Help a Dog


As many of you know, I write 3 different blogs, each one showcasing different passions of mine.  I write a book review blog, a small town life blog, and of course this blog about my furry little loves.  So, I have blogger friends who specialize in all kinds of different blogs.  One of these friends is Melissa from Books and Things. Melissa loves to read, just like me, and she also is a pet parent, also like me.  So when I saw her blog about something amazing that would help shelter dogs, I had to get on board.

The Pedigree Foundation and Pedigree dogfood has, in the past, had a blogging program where any time a blogger wrote a blog for the program, 20 pounds of dogfood were donated to a specific shelter.  The program is called Write a Post, Help a Dog.  Last year, nearly 400 bloggers participated, resulting in 7,820 pounds of dog food donated.  How amazing is this.  Well, this year, the program is back, and I am doing my part to help.  And I am hoping you will too!  In fact, you can copy all the info below for your blog post!

How you can help in 2011

Simply spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog 2011 and once again Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of food for each blogger's post. Here's all you need to include in your post:

The Write a Post, Help a Dog program is aimed at raising awareness and food for the more than four million dogs that wind up in shelters and breed rescues each year.

For each blog post mentioning the Pedigree Foundation from now until midnight ET on September 3, Pedigree will donate 20 pounds of its new dry Pedigree recipe food for dogs -- its best recipe ever -- to a shelter, because every dog deserves leading nutrition.

The Pedigree Foundation -- a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization is committed to helping dogs by providing grants to shelters and rescues and encouraging dog adoption. This year the Foundation has already raised more than $376,570 against its goal of $1.5 million to carry out its work to fund grants that not only help shelters operate, but to further shelter innovations.

The Pedigree Foundation depends on charitable contributions from individuals to carry out its mission to help dogs find loving homes. In addition to writing a blog post, here's how you can help:

Donate online at

Apply for a shelter grant from the Pedigree Foundation by completing a form at

Purchase Dogs Rule Gear at where the proceeds go to the Pedigree Foundation to help loving dogs find a home. SPECIAL OFFER: Get 10 percent off Dogs Rule Gear by using the promo code BlogPaws10 from August 22 - September 30.

Then, link up to our Blog Hop below, hosted by the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers to help spread the word about Write a Post, Help a Dog.  I really hope many of you will consider blogging to help such a wonderful cause!

The Power of Two

This totally warms my heart.

In honor of National Dog Day this week, there was a photo contest in which we entered the dogs' photos.  I sent my Hubby several possibilities.  He showed one in particular to his coworker, M.  M has a doxie as well, and has been begging her husband for a second one.  He has been resistant, and Hubby has been telling M what a good thing it has been for Dex to get a little sister.  So, Hubby sends M the picture.  M forwards it to her husband.

Her husband responds by saying, OK, we are getting a second doxie.

So, this picture right here, helped make M a very happy woman, and is going to send a doxie to a loving home where he or she will have a great older sibling.

2011-07-17 12.57.53

Yeah, my dogs are just that awesome.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lookie what I got!

This past weekend was a big arts and crafts festival in our town.  The vendors include lots of people with doggie themed wares, collars, coats, toys, that kind of stuff.  I looked for something for the doggies, but nothing caught my eye.

As we were walking along a stretch, we saw a vendor who made really cute woodworking items.  We had bought something from this particular vendor last year at a different festival, and we had it customized with our last name.  When we saw one of his new items, at an incredibly reasonable price, we could not resist.

2011-08-08 08.31.41

Isn't it the cutest?