Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paw-don the Pun

I tried and tried to think of a clever title for this post, and that was about as good as I could do.  You see, this post is about paws.  Specifically, Dexter's paws.


Dexter is a happy, healthy dog.  We take him for regular vet check ups, we watch his diet, and we try to make sure his needs are all met.  We also shower him with love and affection.  He is indeed a happy dog.


However, several months ago, I noticed that Dexter, when climbing stairs, did it on 3 paws only, never putting weight on his front right paw.  When he runs around, he does so on all 4 paws, and never acts like his paws hurt, it was just this weird thing with the steps.  At first we chalked it up to him just being a weird dog.

Then I noticed that same paw, the front right, seemed to be bent out or twisted, more than his other one.  Hubby said it just looked like Doxie paws to him.  After one particularly long walk, however, his leg was so bent, it looked like it would buckle under him.  I immediately called the vet.


After a thorough examination, the doctor said Dex has plantar fasciitis.  This means the tendons in his paw have been strained or injured in the past, and are inflamed.  He does not put full weight down on his paw; because of how he does put pressure on the front of his paw, the leg twists outward.  It is not really causing him any pain, but he cannot go for walks right now, until we see if the inflammation subsides.  We are resting his paw, and giving him fish oil.  If this does not work, we may have to have it wrapped.  Other interventions could include cortisone shots (which I am hesitant to do) and eventual surgery.  The doctor thinks surgery will not be necessary, right now at least.

Again, Dexter shows no signs of being in pain, or being depressed.  He still runs around outside like a nut, but no walks and we carry him up the inside steps.  Have any of you ever experienced this with your dogs?  Can you provide me with any insight?  I am unable to find much online about this in dogs, only in people.  The doc says this is simply a risk of a dog being bred to be short legged with a long body.  In other words, doxie problems.


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Lovable Lily said...

Oh Dexter, We are sorry to hear about your paw-paw. Good thing it is not giving you too much troubles tho. We have not heard of that in Doxies. You could go to the Dachsie's Bulletin Board site ( and ask there. We belong and it's a great place with crazy doxie loving people. You just may find your answer there. When you get to the site, click on Bulletin Board.

Lily Belle