Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sally Draper, AKA Ms. Peabody

When we got Dexter, we quickly realized that we were calling him not only his name but a million nicknames as well.  Over the months the nicknames have changed, as he has grown and changed.  Lately I have taken to calling him "Chubber" or "Chub a Lub" because he is getting so big, not really chubby, just a thick, fully bodied grown up dog.

We quickly realized that the nickname tradition was going to continue with Chloe, and actually Daddy has been the one coming up with her nicknames.  So far she has 2.  The first is "Sally Draper".  This is after the little girl on Mad Men, the daughter of the main character Don Draper.  The little girl is a hot mess most of the time, with a sad face, and that pretty much describes Chloe, with her hound dog looks and her still fuzzy longhair fur.  Plus in quite a few episodes, Sally Draper acts like a brat.  Ahem.

who me?

The other nickname is a bit more, uh, sensitive in nature.  We have taken to calling her Ms. Peabody.  This is due to the point we are at with her crate training.  We ran into the same issues with Dex at this age.  She will gladly go outside for #2, but she is consistently tinkling in her crate.  Which means she smells like pee all.the.time.  And even when she does tinkle outside, she then proceeds to walk her dainty little feet directly through the puddle.  There is no way around this, save for bathing her 3 times a day every day, and with her having long hair and it being January, she would catch pneumonia, so, guess what.  Ms. Peabody it is.

Apparently, she has turned up her nose at the idea of this nickname.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, by Dexter and Chloe

Hello friends, Dexter and Chloe here!  First off, a round of applause for Chloe's first blog post!!!!!

Today, we got to romp in the snow!  One of us liked it more than the other.

I, Dexter, love love LOOOOOOOVE the snow.
IMG_2163 edit

Today, the snow was up to my chest, and when I would run, instead of making pawprints, I made deep tunnels in the snow.  It was so fun, I got snow all over my face!
IMG_2160 edit

And I, Chloe, and not so fond of the snow, though brother says neither was he when he was my size. I did not even go on the ground, mom just set me on a snow covered part of the porch.
IMG_2175 edit

The snow came up to my chin, and it was about 2 seconds before I started to shiver. Mom quickly took me inside to warm me up.
IMG_2179 edit

So in short, when it comes to snow, Dexter gives it two paws up, but Chloe is decidedly more undecided.  Now, if you will excuse us both, we are going to snuggle up in our blankets for a nice nap.

To see more of Mom's pictures of our snow day, view her Flickr photostream here.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Guess who got her first collar this weekend?  That is right, Miss Chloe is now wearing a collar!

On Sunday, we gave her a bath, since she had taken the full course of antibiotics and eye drops.  She is so little it took next to no time to bath and dry her, and all in all, she did really well with the first bath at home.  After she was dried, we presented her with the hot pink collar.
She is such a little pee wee that even the extra small collars would not fit her, and while a toy collar may have, I found a cute cat collar with a little bell that was just her size.  She LOVES it.  She does not fuss with the bell at all, so my hope is by the time she gets tags, she will be used to something hanging from her collar and will not chew them.  Dexter has chewed his so bad they are not readable, which kind of defeats the purpose.

And even though her collar makes her look a little more grown up, she is still a baby.  She is growing really quickly though!  She likes to romp a lot, and most of the time she is trying to beat up on her brother.
The rest of the time, she is acting like a little princess.  Which of course she totally is.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Typical Little Sister

Things with Chloe are going really well, I honestly can't complain.  Crate training is going well, the antibiotics have really perked her up, she is eating better (and on a schedule now!) and we started transitioning her to the same food that Dex eats.  Everyone is happy.  And she is acting like a typical little sister.

  She devils the heck out of Dex.  She wants to play with him so bad, even though she is really too little.  They try to play, but I often have to tell them to settle down.  And it is usually Chloe being the bully!  She is starting to learn her name, it is really cute.

And just like any little sister, she likes to sneak into brother's bedroom and play with his stuff,  but he is so wonderful about sharing with her.

I am so pleased that they love each other as much as we love them!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!