Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sally Draper, AKA Ms. Peabody

When we got Dexter, we quickly realized that we were calling him not only his name but a million nicknames as well.  Over the months the nicknames have changed, as he has grown and changed.  Lately I have taken to calling him "Chubber" or "Chub a Lub" because he is getting so big, not really chubby, just a thick, fully bodied grown up dog.

We quickly realized that the nickname tradition was going to continue with Chloe, and actually Daddy has been the one coming up with her nicknames.  So far she has 2.  The first is "Sally Draper".  This is after the little girl on Mad Men, the daughter of the main character Don Draper.  The little girl is a hot mess most of the time, with a sad face, and that pretty much describes Chloe, with her hound dog looks and her still fuzzy longhair fur.  Plus in quite a few episodes, Sally Draper acts like a brat.  Ahem.

who me?

The other nickname is a bit more, uh, sensitive in nature.  We have taken to calling her Ms. Peabody.  This is due to the point we are at with her crate training.  We ran into the same issues with Dex at this age.  She will gladly go outside for #2, but she is consistently tinkling in her crate.  Which means she smells like pee all.the.time.  And even when she does tinkle outside, she then proceeds to walk her dainty little feet directly through the puddle.  There is no way around this, save for bathing her 3 times a day every day, and with her having long hair and it being January, she would catch pneumonia, so, guess what.  Ms. Peabody it is.

Apparently, she has turned up her nose at the idea of this nickname.

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