Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Guess who got her first collar this weekend?  That is right, Miss Chloe is now wearing a collar!

On Sunday, we gave her a bath, since she had taken the full course of antibiotics and eye drops.  She is so little it took next to no time to bath and dry her, and all in all, she did really well with the first bath at home.  After she was dried, we presented her with the hot pink collar.
She is such a little pee wee that even the extra small collars would not fit her, and while a toy collar may have, I found a cute cat collar with a little bell that was just her size.  She LOVES it.  She does not fuss with the bell at all, so my hope is by the time she gets tags, she will be used to something hanging from her collar and will not chew them.  Dexter has chewed his so bad they are not readable, which kind of defeats the purpose.

And even though her collar makes her look a little more grown up, she is still a baby.  She is growing really quickly though!  She likes to romp a lot, and most of the time she is trying to beat up on her brother.
The rest of the time, she is acting like a little princess.  Which of course she totally is.

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