Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I just do not know what it is these days, but I am totally enraptured by Dexter.  I fall more and more in love with him every single day.  I have been a pet owner for years, having Nora for 4 years, and before her, another cat named Isabella.  And I have loved my kitties whole heartedly.  But this is so....different.  Dexter is almost like a person.  In fact, I like him better than a lot of people I know!

I can not quite put it into words, and Hubby thinks maybe Dex is just finally growing into his own.  But over the summer, something has definitely changed with him, and the way I relate to him.  There is no doubt in my mind this dog loves me, and shows me genuine affection.  Each morning, when I tell him good morning, and before feeding him breakfast, I pick him up and he throws one doggie paw on each shoulder, and covers my face in kisses.  It is his good morning ritual.

When  we go outside for potty breaks, once he has done his business, he scurries up the steps, and climbs onto my lap.  If it is nice, we sit and bask in the sunshine.  Today, we sat out there for about 45 minutes, and I sang to him (looney right?).  He was spellbound, and loved every minute of it.

I keep saying I want another doggie, and I really do, but even if we were to get another, Dex will always be my baby.  My heart nearly bursts with love for him each time he lumbers into the room and wags his tale.

I wish I could fully express how much this dog means to me.  Do all dog moms feel this way?  Between Hubby and Dexter, how could I ever possibly have a bad day?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giant bowl of noms

Today, I went and got a huge bag of doggie food, and another bag of kitty food, to fill up the large containers where we store Deter and Nora's noms.  Nora's was completely empty, but Dexter's had some left.  I wanted to make sure the old food was on top, so that it got eaten first and would not get stale.  So I had to dump it out, before pouring the new bag of food into the container.  The only thing I had close was the bowl we used for trick or treat last year.  As a result, there was a huge bowl of dogfood.  We decided to see how Dexter would react.  It was awesome.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Look at what we got!

We went to visit my family this weekend to help celebrate Hubby's birthday, do some Labor Day celebrating, and see my sister's new house.  Of course Dexter came with us, and was in his glory because he finally got to meet his Rottweiler cousin, Champ, and they are now best buds!

While we were there, my parents gave me and Hubby our anniversary gift a little early, since we do not get home too often.  Being that this is our first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper, so we got a gift card to buy some books, and then, we got this:

Isn't that awesome?!  We played it today!  The game markers are little dog bowls.
Instead of properties, you buy dachshunds.
And you can add different dog toys to your doggies.
This game is perfect for us!

Even the card they got us was so perfect!

So, even though our anniversary is a month away, we got to start celebrating early.  I love it!  Thanks Mom and Dad, you know us so well!

We had a great weekend, Dex had a blast, but now it is sinking in that Summer is pretty much over.  At least Hubby had a great birthday!