Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, by Dexter and Chloe

Hello friends, Dexter and Chloe here!  First off, a round of applause for Chloe's first blog post!!!!!

Today, we got to romp in the snow!  One of us liked it more than the other.

I, Dexter, love love LOOOOOOOVE the snow.
IMG_2163 edit

Today, the snow was up to my chest, and when I would run, instead of making pawprints, I made deep tunnels in the snow.  It was so fun, I got snow all over my face!
IMG_2160 edit

And I, Chloe, and not so fond of the snow, though brother says neither was he when he was my size. I did not even go on the ground, mom just set me on a snow covered part of the porch.
IMG_2175 edit

The snow came up to my chin, and it was about 2 seconds before I started to shiver. Mom quickly took me inside to warm me up.
IMG_2179 edit

So in short, when it comes to snow, Dexter gives it two paws up, but Chloe is decidedly more undecided.  Now, if you will excuse us both, we are going to snuggle up in our blankets for a nice nap.

To see more of Mom's pictures of our snow day, view her Flickr photostream here.  

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