Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healing Dogs, by Dexter and Chloe

So sorry that we have been gone so long friends!  Life has been so busy at our house!  We spent some time watching football with Dad, chasing Nora our kitty sister, and of course loving all over Mommy.

And Mommy can really use the extra love right now, because she has an ouchie.  On her, um, rump.

"I ASSure you, it is no laughing matter"
Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy were being all mushy and lovey, celebrating something called valley times day, what ever that is.  Anywhoser, we wanted in on the love.  We had lots of love and kisses to give them both, so we decided to raise a big stink.  We fussed and fussed and FUSSED until shortly before midnight, Dad came down to take us outside.

But we had other plans.  I, Dexter, waited for Dad to open my crate, and took off upstairs to find Mommy so I could kiss kiss kiss her.  And I, Chloe, sat in my crate making sad eyes so Dad would take me upstairs too.  It worked like a charm.
Who could resist this?
We got in a few minutes of snuggles, before we were carried downstairs.  And that is when the trouble happened.  Mommy had taken her glasses off already, since she was ready for bed, so she did not bother to put them back on.  She simply scooped me, Dexter, into her arms, and down the stairs we headed.

Suddenly, Nora ran by us, and Mommy missed a step.  Next thing I know, down we went.  Mommy fell right on something called her tail bone, which is funny because she does not have a tail.  But we were all so scared.       Dad put us both to bed, and helped Mommy up.  He got her some medicine and she put this warm thing on her bum.  But ever since then, Mommy is not as happy as she usually is, and sometimes, she makes funny faces when she moves, and she says OW a lot.  Dad assures us she will heal, it is just a very bad bruise, but we have to give Mommy extra love.  He says we are her healing dogs.

So, whenever we get a chance, Dexter sneaks upstairs to check on Mommy, and Chloe makes the sad face so Dad will take her up too, since she is too small to climb stairs.
"No one's looking, I am heading upstairs to find Mom".

Please keep Mommy and her ouchie in your thoughts, and rest assured, we  will keep giving her lots of healing love and kisses.


Dexter and Chloe

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