Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter's last hurrah?

Last night and early into the morning this morning, we got a terrible snow storm.  It took Hubby 5 hours to get home from work, when it normally takes less than 1.5 hours.  He did not even make it in to work today, so you know what that means?

Snow day!!!  And how do you celebrate a snow day? By playing in the snow of course!


The snow was about up to Dexter's chest, and he was bounding all around.  He loved every second!


Chloe was less impressed, as the snow was, no joke, over her head.  Plus Dex kept rolling her in the snow.  I am not sure who looked cuter, Chloe all covered in snow, or Hubby in his Pen jammie pants.


We did not stay out long, as little doggies get cold pretty quick, but Dexter packed plenty of enjoyment into the 5 minutes or so that we were out.  Chloe, well, she just wanted a towel.

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