Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Weinerful Weekend

Hello friends!  I just wanted to say I am feeling much better, my tail bone is starting to heal, and I had a great weekend!

Friday, Chloe had her final distemper vaccine.  She is up to 4 pounds, and did wonderfully at the vet.  Just like her brother did, she earned her name tag by being so brave through the shots.
dog tag

Of course, the ladies at the vet, and the vet himself, fauned all over her, and declared her perfect.  I was quick to point out how sassy she can be, but that I adore her regardless.

All weekend, the doggies have been so happy to see us; when we leave the house it breaks their hearts, and when we return, they shower us with love.

I think they are just happy to see me feeling better.  I am convinced they know something is just not right.

See how much love the give me?  I would not have it any other way.

A while ago, I changed URLs, and people did not realize it, thinking the old blog was still correct.  The old blog should now display a link directing you here.  Please make sure to tell all your friends that Dexter, Nora, and Chloe are still blogging away, and direct them to our new blog!

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