Friday, April 22, 2011

We Went on VACATION! by Dexter and Chloe

Hello friends, it is the awesome dachshunds here.  Sorry we have not talked to you in a while, but we went on a vacation with Mommy and Daddy to help celebrate Mommy's birthday!


We went for a long car ride to Erie, Pennsylvania.  We liked riding in the car, it is so fun to look out the window.  It was only about a 2 hour drive.  When we first got to Erie, we went to a place called Presque Isle.  We gave Mommy and Daddy a bit of a scare there, because I (Dexter) slipped out of my collar and took off running.  I finally caught up with the rest of my family, and Mommy and Daddy decided we needed to stay in the car.

After that, we drove a little around town, and then we got to our hotel.  Boy oh boy did we have fun jumping on the bed.  We stayed in the room while our parents went to dinner.

The next day it was really rainy, so we once again stayed in the room and snoozed while Mommy and Daddy went out and about.  They came back with treats for us, so we were pretty excited about that.

The third day, we checked out of the room and headed for home.  We made a couple of stops, again, we had to stay in the car, because us doggies are not allowed in most stores.  But then we headed for home.  We slept most of the way, but then Mommy and Daddy stopped for lunch and we woke up.  We decided we wanted to ride in the back window for a bit.  It was so fun, we felt like we were surfing.  Mommy was there to make sure we did not fall though.

All in all, we had a great trip.  This was my (Chloe) first vacation, Dexter told me it would be fun, and he was so right.

So, when can we go again Mom and Dad?


Kathi said...

Those are two happy smilin' doggies! Too cute!

kalyxcorn said...

awww. mom says i would never fit in the window like that. i guess that is why she calls me her little kielbasa and not vienna sausage! :)