Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pampered, by Chloe

Mommy and Daddy often spoil me, but today really took the cake.  It has been so hot, as many of you know, and with my fur being longer and shaggier than Dexter's, I tend to be uncomfortable in the heat.  Today, Mommy helped make me feel better by taking me for my very first haircut.

I think it was tougher on Mommy than on me, since she had to leave me alone with a stranger, but I really did not mind.  Mommy stayed in the store and watched most of the time.  The ladies complimented me on how well I behaved.  It felt so good to get a little trim.

They put cute little bows in my hair once I was all trimmed up.
2011-07-21 15.16.45


Mommy paid a little extra to get my nails painted!
2011-07-21 15.24.04

I felt so special and pretty.  I even posed for a few pictures when we got home.

But let me tell you, all this pampering has me pooped, so I am going to take nap.


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Hannalei said...

OMD!!! Priceless and adorable! Loves! :)