Friday, May 4, 2012

Are they brilliant, or just plain crazy?

Each and every day, my dogs act like they are encountering things for the very first time.  The cat, for example. The cat was part of the family when Dexter joined, so he has know her as long as he has know us, yet every time he sees her, he freaks out, like "OH MY GOSH THERE IS A CAT HERE!!!!!".  I swear, one of these times he is going to hurt himself.  Same thing with the mailman.  Mail comes through the door slot?  Commence freak out by both dogs.  Thank goodness for mail free Sundays.

But their worst freakout over an everyday occurance, by far, is when one of us comes through the front door.  Each day when Hubby comes home from work, they flip their lids.  For a good 5 minutes, usually until he hugs them.  It is even worse when we are both returning from somewhere.  We always talk about it in the car, how Chloe will be sooo mad, doing her sassy little bark, and Dexter will be hopping up and down like he has not seen us in days.

However, there is one notable exception to this through the door phenomenon.  Three mornings a week I jog on the bike trail near our house.  I have a routine, I come downstairs in my workout clothes, put on my shoes, put my cell phone arm band on, and stretch.  If Hubby is not home, I take my keys, lock the door, and jog for 30 minutes.  And each time, when I come home, and come through the front door, it is to total silence.  They never make a peep, it is like they know, "oh hey, she will be back in half an hour, no need to worry".

So when I come home, this is usually what I see: Dex buried in his blanket, and Chloe looking around like, "oh hey".



So you tell me, are they brilliant dogs who understand my pre-jog routine means I will be back shortly, or are the just crazy?

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A MilShelb Mom said...

haha! I have no clue. Too funny, though!