Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party for Dogs? Heck YES!

Thanks to my good friend and fellow pet owner Kacy, I was alerted to the coolest event of the fall.  It was called Barktoberfest, and it was being held in Pittsburgh.  Doggies could wear their Halloween costumes, come socialize with other pups, get some treats, have a costume contest, and be in a parade.  SIGN US UP!

We got there at noon on Saturday, and things were just getting started.  Already, we saw a ton of awesome doggie costumes.

Devil and Hot Dog

Indian Princess

Killer Bees

Scooby Doo (one of my faves!)

By the time the judging started, there was a pretty good crowd, about 70 doggies were registered.

One of the coolest parts was the costume judging.  One of the judges was Pittsburgh t.v. celebrity Sally Wiggin.  We talked to her during judging, and a little bit after.  She was raised with a doxie, so she has quite a fondness for them, and she just loved Dex (who doesn't).  She was so friendly and awesome!

Finally it was time to announce the winners of the costume contest.  The first place winner was a doggie dressed like Troy Polamalu.

Second place went to a teeny tiny doggie dressed like a Caterpillar.

All the doggies looked adorable, and everyone was so well behaved.  Dex did great, no barking, no roughhousing, he definitely got some treats afterwards, and even got to go have a play date with his friend Linus.

I am not quite ready to reveal Dexter's entire costume to you yet, so here is another peak, this is a picture of us from that day.

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Twix said...

Sounds like a great time! So, I don't know if you remember watching the Carol Burnett show when you were a kid (my mom is old!) or not. Mom was wondering if Sally Wiggin was related to "Mrs.aWiggins" from that show! She is just a bit crazy!