Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Doggie Monsters

I make no secret of the fact that I adore Lady Gaga.  I think she is incredibly talented, and really beautiful.  I have even converted Hubby as a fan, though he may never admit it.  But the fact that he bought me tickets to her concert for our first wedding anniversary gift shows that he totally "gets" my love for Mama Monster.  Lady Gaga calls her fans Little Monsters, and for once I am proud to get called a monster.

We often sing to Dexter, and "Bad Romance" has long been our go-to song.  Hubby actually knows some of the words, and sings along.  Of course, we make Dexter dance as we sing it.

Today, we introduced Chloe to Lady Gaga (gotta teach em young).  Both dogs did the "Bad Romance" monster claw move.  Chloe loves it.  Dexter tolerates it.  But either way, they are now Little Doggie Monsters.

Just like Lady Gaga, I love my Little Monsters!

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kalyxcorn said...

i know i have such a love hate thing for her - she seems sort of really well planned machine but her music is so dang catchy, and she actually is a pretty talented musician!