Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Lately, Dex and Nora have been engaging in some sibling rivalry.  It is not entirely a bad thing.  It has really helped both of them calm down a lot, and show us a lot more affection, especially Nora.

She sees Dexter snuggling on the bed or couch with us, and sees how good behavior is rewarded with kisses and treats, so she has also become a bit of a snuggle buggle.  After Dex goes to bed for the night, Nora will climb into bed with us and cuddle away.  She has even started being nicer to Hubby, and showing him more affection.  But now, she is taking it to the next level.

Last night, we had Dex in the bed with us, watching t.v., and instead of snuggling under the duvet, he kept climbing inside of it.  You see, our duvet has a removable cover. so he would climb inside the cover, and snuggle into the soft downy duvet.  We had to keep removing him, as adorable as it was, because one little chew, and we would have feathers everywhere.  Finally, he got the point, and just snuggled underneath all the covers, between my feet.

This morning, I got up to feed Dex, and it was so cold, I decided to lay in bed and read for a bit.  When I got back into the bedroom, this is what I saw.
Yes, that is Nora.  Yes, she is inside the duvet.

This is getting a little out of hand, this sibling rivalry.

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