Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Like About You- Dexter Edition

I may be just a tiny bit biased, but I think Dexter is the handsomest dog in the tri-state area.  He is just so darn cute and lovable, even when he is being naughty.  Most people see Dexter and remark on his unusual coloring, which is definitely a big part of his charm, but he has so many other cute parts, I feel the need to highlight them.

Let's start with his eyes.  Now, when he was a baby, his eyes were bright blue, and over time they changed, all except for one spot on his right eye, which is still bright blue.  It gives him such a unique look.  And his eyes are so, well, soulful.  I look in those eyes and I know without a doubt, this dog loves me.

Next up, his nose.  I love this little nosey so much.  Hubby refers to it as Dex's snoot.  In fact, we refer to the doggies and being "snoot cute".  I love to have this little nose nuzzled up against me, tucked under my chin during some Mommy and Dexter quality time.  How can you not want to kiss it?

Oh and his paws.  Such big clumsy paws for such a little dog.  Such short stubby legs for a dog of such length.  His paws are so cute, and I love when he puts one on each of my shoulders, as if to give me a hug.  

I suppose I could go on and on, waxing poetic over each spot, and inch of his oddly shaped body.  But the truth is I love everything about this doggie.  He is my boy, my Dexter Doodle, and I love him to pieces.
IMG_4224 edit

I mean, how could you not love that face?

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