Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My First Friend, by Chloe

Mommy says I am big enough to write my own blog entry now.  Lot's of exciting things have been happening.  I finished all my shots, started walking on a leash, and went for my first car ride with brother, all in the past week.  But that is not nearly the best thing.  Last night, I made my first friend.

Rosie has been friends with Dexter, Mommy, and Daddy for about a year now.  In fact, she is Dexter's girlfriend.  Her mommy and daddy are good friends of ours too.  Since the weather was nice last night, they took Rosie for a walk, and stopped by our house.  HOOORAY!  Another girl around to help me pick on brother.

We all had fun running and romping in the house. Daddy got a little nervous, since I am still a lot smaller than Dexter, so he had to hold me for a little while. But otherwise, we had a grand time.

I can't wait for the next time Rosie visits, and we can play outside!

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