Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Our Neighbor

When we first moved into our neighborhood, we attended a block party to get to know our neighbors.  Turned out our neighbors right across the alley has a doxie.  It was one of the deciding factors in us getting a doxie, because their little lady was so sweet.  When we first got Dex, we told these neighbors about our new doxie love.  Sadly, their doxie had passed away.  They were planning on getting another one, and before we knew it, a little doxie pup appeared in their yard.


Over the months, both Dex and Chloe have come to think of this pup as their friend.  Her name is Izzie, and she is such a sweetie.  She is a few weeks younger than Dexter.  They talk all the time when they are outside together, and sometimes she and her mommy come to visit at our fence.  Once Chloe is all healed from her spay, I am hoping they can all 3 play together in the yard occasionally.


Isn't she just the prettiest little lady?

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