Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: FunBites

We are always looking for new treats for our dogs to try, so when I had an opportunity to try FunBites, I was excited to possibly find another healthy treat to add to our treat rotation.

These treats are marketed as being healthy for dogs, fortified with calcium and phosphorus.  The chewing also helps clean teeth and freshen breath.  While my dogs do not have a huge problem with this, it never helps to have treats aimed at good dental health.

When I first brought the treats out, the dogs were not interested, as they were engaged in a serious game of bitey face.

 However, when they heard me open the bag, they came running.

 Dexter, the older dog, quickly chewed his snack down to nothing.

 Chloe, who is still just a puppy, took more time with hers, and when she walked away from it for a moment, Dexter swooped in and finished it for her.  Clearly, he approves of the snacks.  I tried later to give Chloe another one, and she finished it, chewing it slowly.  She will definitely get the dental benefits from these.

Since my dogs are small, this was a perfect treat for them.  They both seemed to like them a lot.  The packaging says these are appropriate for all dogs up to 75 lbs.  However, the bigger the dog, the less time it will take to chew, which reduces the dental benefits.

Also, be forewarned that these treats contain rice flour, maltodextrins and dextrose.  For dogs with food allergies, this may be a problem.  Also, for dogs with weight issues, this treat may not be a good choice.  There are a lot of empty calories in the treats.  My dogs stay within a healthy range, so these will work for me.  But for older dogs, dogs with low activity levels, or dogs already overweight, these may not be the right choice.

So in summary, a decent treat for small dogs that will help with dental health.  A nice additional source of calcium, but beware the additives and their empty calories.  As for us, we give these Harkle Hounds seal of approval.
harkle hounds

I received this product for review as part of the Amazon Vine program.


Hannalei said...

Look like om nom noms. Does the bag say where they are made?

Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Looks like made in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are made in Mexico. I am glad to have a product that doesn't come from China (especially since my travis got very very sick last year for eating a "prestigious" brands chew, that happen to be made in China. My lab LOVES these FunBites chews!!