Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Like About You- Chloe Edition

Oh Chloe.  Miss Peepants.  Chloebell.  Chloenstein.  Chloe Bear.  Sally Draper.  You honestly have made our family complete.  I was so nervous about adding a second puppy to the family, but you were our missing piece.  There is so so much I love about you.

First off, your ears. From the day we brought you home, your ears had the cutest little curls on them.
IMG_2035 edit

You ears were really the only indication, for a long time, that you were a long haired doxie. The rest of you is starting to catch up, but your ears are still the shaggiest part of you. They are like permanent pigtails, and I just love it.

Next, your eyes.

You have such soulful brown eyes. You are my brown eyed girl. They always look a little sad, because your fur around them is so dark, so it looks like you have on black eyeliner. Such an emo puppy. And don't get me started on how cute that snoot is.

Next up, your personality. And for such a tiny dog, your personality is huge.

From the minute we brought you home, you ruled the roost. You are miss sassafras. You bully Dexter, you bully Nora, and you are smaller than them both. You climb stairs, and leap off of the couch. You give daddy special kisses by "booping" him, and you kiss my by licking my eye. You have so many weird quirks, like rolling in the grass, but that is what makes you special. Now, if only we could get you potty trained.

But I think most of all, I love that you are Daddy's Girl.

Because for a long time, it was just me and Dex all day everyday, he is such a Mama's Boy. I am glad that you and Daddy have your own special bond, even though you show that you love me lots as well. It makes me all warm and fuzzy when we all sit on the couch together, and you fall asleep in Daddy's arms.

In short, Miss Thang, you have made us complete. And I love you to pieces.

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A MilShelb Mom said...

That is so sweet! And, she is precious!!