Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dexter at 12 weeks

Today, I took Dexter to the vet for a 12 week check up and his second set of vaccines. That little stinker now weighs 3 lbs. 1.5 oz., which means he gained 1 lb 4.5 oz in 3 weeks. What a little chow hound!!!

His little belly is bloated, something that started last week and had me a little concerned. The vet said that this is most likely due to the fact that I gave him de-wormer. So he probably had a little bit of worms, and the medicine is doing the trick. Good news is he is eating good, and, pardon my candor, pooping well. He goes back in 3 weeks for the next set of shots. If he does not weigh 5 lbs, he will just get distemper shots, and we will do rabies at a 4th appointment. He was so brave during the shot, not even a whimper. The vet and assistant gave him a treat, and he was completely distracted. The treat was bigger than his mouth, but he was not about to surrender it to let them break it up, he just chewed and chewed until finally it was gone.

The vet mentioned that the shot may make him sleepy and lethargic, but not to be concerned, unless he was not eating. We came home, and he took a long nap. He ate lunch, then I took some pictures and the following video:

He is chasing the cat around the living room as I write this, so I am pretty sure he is going to be just fine.

All the ladies at the vet's office just love Dexter. I barely have to hold him while we are there, they all want to see him. He is such a good boy, how could you not fall in love with him?

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