Sunday, March 7, 2010

How I Met Your Brother (and Sister)

I am a firm believer that there are “perfect pets” for people and families, instances where the pet chooses you instead of vice versa. So in this blog, I tell my “kids” how they joined our family.


A long time ago, before Mommy met Daddy, Mommy decided she needed someone to keep her company in her new apartment. Mommy had lived with kitty cats before, so she knew it would work out well again. Mommy had a sort of idea what kind of kitty she wanted, and older cat, already fixed, and most likely de-clawed. She wanted a kitty that had once belonged to someone else and needed a new home.

So Mommy got in her car, and drove to a local pet store, where they sold pets from local animal shelters. Because the pet store was in Robinson, PA, the pets actually came from several shelters in PA, WV, and OH. Mommy was looking at all the beautiful kitties, trying to see who might be a good fit. Mommy saw the big fluffy kitty, who was about a year and a half old, already fixed and de-clawed, just what she had in mind. Mommy leaned over to the kitty’s cage to talk to the kitty, when suddenly…someone pulled Mommy’s hair. Mommy stood up, and came face to face with a frisky little black kitten. The kitten was tiny, certainly not fixed or de-clawed, and she had never had any home besides the shelter. But Mommy knew, instantly, that this was her kitty. She literally reached out and picked Mommy for herself.

Mommy met with the nice people at the store, who helped her fill out all the papers to adopt the kitty from the shelter. The only thing left was a name. Mommy had just the name in mind…..Nora.

Over the next 2 years, Mommy and Nora lived in Pittsburgh, and life was good, but pretty quiet.

Then Mommy brought her friend home to meet Nora. Mommy told Nora that this friend would be spending more time with them. Over the months, this friend came to visit Mommy lots, and Nora would snuggle on the couch with them both to watch movies. Nora loved this new person. Then one day, the friend asked Mommy to be his wife, so now, he was going to be Daddy. Nora had a new family member!

Over the coming months, Nora had to adjust to moving to a new house, and having Daddy around all the time. Sometimes she gets a little territorial, but overall, Nora loves Daddy and is quite content.


After the family was nicely settled into the new house, Mommy and Daddy started talking about adding to the family. Nora was not too concerned, because Mommy talked about wanting another furry baby all the time. Mommy wanted a barking baby, but Daddy said we had to wait until the time was right. So Mommy and Daddy started doing research on what puppies would make good additions to our family. Daddy decided he really wanted a weiner dog, which Mommy calls a dachshund, so Mommy started looking for breeders. Mommy found a breeder close to home around Christmas, but knew that it was not the right time to add to the family. Mommy would look at all the cute little puppies on the breeder’s web page, and wonder when one would come to our house.

Finally, Mommy and Daddy decided that instead of buying Valentines presents, they would get a puppy. Mommy knew exactly which one she wanted. As soon as she saw him on the web site, she knew, this was our puppy.

Daddy was not convinced, so Mommy made an appointment for the two of them to go see the puppies, and figure out which one was a good match,.

Once again, Mommy’s hunch turned out to be right. As soon as Mommy and Daddy saw the puppy, they knew he was the one. They even had a name picked out already- Dexter.

When Mommy and Daddy brought Dexter home, Nora was not happy at all, but after a few days, she really warmed up to him, and now they get along well.

Dexter has gotten to meet Mommy and Daddy’s families now, and is loved by everyone. Our happy little family is complete- for now.

Who knows what Mommy will want to add next?

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cute cute cute! i love how nora chose you :D