Thursday, March 11, 2010

Night time with Nora

My poor kitty. Her world has been turned upside down. She was used to being an only child for so long, and now we brought Dexter into the mix. She had a rough few days at first, but was starting to warm up to him.

THEN....she went into heat. Before you preach to me about getting her fixed, know it's in the works ok. But it was never much of a problem when we lived in a third floor apartment. No risk of escape, and no exposure to tomcats, so heat was a minor inconvenience once a year. But now, living in town, with a tomcat on the street impregnating several kitties, she is more prone, and when she goes into heat, way more active. It was so bad that no one was getting sleep, including her. We had no choice but to relocate her, temporarily, to the basement. She actually seemed pretty content down there.

Then, Sunday, hubby, Dex, and I went out of town so Dex could meet my family, and Nora had the run of the house. When we got back that night, she had really settled down. By Monday, she moved back upstairs with the family. Unfortunately, she had to get reacquainted with Dex a little, but things are going well now.

I feel a little bad for Nora; as a cat, she is so much more self sufficient and laid back than the pup, so she requires, and therefore gets, less of my attention. Which is why the last two nights with her have been really precious to me.

I am sleeping on the couch to help with night time potty trips with the dog so my hubby is not disturbed. As the sole bread winner right now, he needs to be well rested for work. So I sleep on the couch, and at about 11 each night, Nora has come to me for some special "Mommy time". She hops on the couch with me, and snuggles up to sleep. This are the first times I have heard her purr since we brought Dex home. It warms my heart, because Nora is still my baby. I love her every bit as much as Dex, it is just a very different kind of relationship we have.

There is an old Italian proverb that says "happy is the home that has at least one cat". I am blessed to have a very happy home indeed.

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