Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You guys....

Nora and Dexter are just like kids. I just witnessed the funniest, most kid like behavior in them.

They had been playing in the living room, deviling each other, as I read on the sofa. Suddenly, I realized they were not in the room with my anymore, and I heard noises from the kitchen. Dexter is NOT allowed in there, as he is too likely to find microscopic crumbs of things he should not eat, so I call out a quick, firm, "HEY".

At which point I hear 8 paws scurrying into the living room. Dexter and Nora skid to a halt right in front of me, look at each other, then look up at me as if to say "HE DID IT, NO SHE DID IT".

Oh you guys.....

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