Monday, April 5, 2010

The Adventures of Bumblemouse and Longdog

So, it seems like no matter how many awesome toys Dexter gets, or how much he loves them, he prefers his sister's kitty toys.

I guess it makes sense. They are just the right size for him. First, he claimed her red sparkle fish, then her red and green ring, then her moose, then her red mouse, but by far, his favorite cat toy is the Bumblemouse. It is a little felt mouse that also looks like a bumblebee.
As you can clearly see, put Bumblemouse next to a Nylabone, he picks the mouse...
Luckily, Nora is a very good kitty, and does not care that her brother steals all her toys. None of them have catnip in them, and she never plays with any of them, so no harm done. Her toys actually seem a little more indestructible than the ones we buy specifically for him. So far he has killed a cloth sheep (chewed out the squeaker) and destroyed a Heads-n-Tails toy, off of which he chewed and swallowed the string.

The only toy that we have gotten so far that seems to totally mesmorize him is the loofa dog which we named Longdog.

He loves to carry Longdog around, and take him into his bed to snuggle. However, I already noticed Longdog experiencing serious wear and tear, so he is taking a little vacation for a few days.

Thank goodness for Bumblemouse.

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