Friday, April 23, 2010

My first vacation- By Dexter

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy filled up bags full of stuff, loaded the car, broke down my crate, and declared we were going on vacation. I was not sure what it meant, but they seemed excited, so I figured it must be a good thing!

We rode in the car for a little while before they decided to eat lunch. Their lunch smelled so yummy, and I really wanted some, but I behaved myself as best as I could, because I did not want them to change their minds. Next thing I knew we were off again. I slept a lot in the car, and got out a couple of times to stretch my legs, and finally, we drove up to a big building. Mommy and Daddy took everything out of the car, and into the building, including me. They told me this was where we would be staying. It looked pretty cool inside, and I liked snuggling on the bed with Daddy!

After eating dinner, Daddy took me out to potty, and I decided to impress everyone by walking on a leash. Mommy was so happy! Then I went to bed. I fussed a little, because I was scared, but the excitement of the day won out and eventually I fell asleep.

We got up early the next morning, ate, and got back in the car. Mommy wanted to visit some places of something called "historical significance". The first place was called Antietam. It was really windy when we first arrived. My ears were flapping in the wind!
Antietam is the site of the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War. We took a tour of the battlefield. Here are some pictures from the tour.

This is me and Daddy with a cannon at the welcome center.
This is me smelling flowers at the Dunker Church.
This is me sniffing out Johnny Reb in the cornfield.
Me hiking to Georgians Overlook, and walking so well on my leash I might add.
Mommy and me crossing Burnside Bridge.

We had a great time, and Mommy was so happy that I was well behaved, I got a special treat, just a little biscuit, but it was peanut butter flavored, one of my favorites!

Then we drove some more, and ended up in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It was hard for us to do much there, because not all of it was stuff I was allowed to do, and Mommy refused to leave me. She did, however, get a picture of me planning an attack of my own, living up to my coloring of Brown.

Overall, it was a great day, but I was beat. When we got back to the room, I slept like a log!

The next day, we went hiking at Swallow Falls Park. I got to walk on a leash again, but Mommy and Daddy had to carry me for parts with steps and rough terrain. Also, they carried me out onto parts of the actual falls. They are crazy!

After that, Mommy and Daddy wanted to go to some places I was not allowed to go, so I went to the room to nap. When they got back, they had bought me some new shirts. here I am modeling one of them.
Also, my Mommy has a blogger friend, Baxter's mommy, who loves doxie stuff, so she took a picture of this doxie wine bottle stopper for her. Baxter, be sure you tell your mommy about it. If you ever go to Deep Creek look at the Bear Creek Traders!

So as you can see, this was another busy day. The next morning, we were up super early again, to pack everything up and check out. Before we left Maryland, Mommy and Daddy took me to do something called geocaching. We found the cache, and got our picture taken!
As you can see, my first vacation was busy and exciting. Mostly, I was just happy to be with Mommy and Daddy, but now, I am really happy to be home!

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