Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No more "Desperate Housecats"

For weeks now, we have been suffering with Nora being in and out of heat. She had two really bad cycles of it since we got Dexter. After the second cycle ended, she has been in a perpetual state of neediness that is a little easier for us to bear. Well, for most of us, all except for Hubby.

It seems Nora is in love with Hubby, and has made it her personal mission to seduce him. She follows him around, sleeps in the bed with him, prances around his desk when he is working on the computer. In short, she is all up in his face.

Case in point:

One night, Hubby and I were sitting on the couch, and he had his arm stretched along the back of the couch. Nora slinks up, and rests her paw on his hand, no joke. A few minutes later, she moves so that she is laying on his arm. Several minutes later, she is rubbing her face against his, and meowing in his ear (whispering sweet nothings I suppose). I jokingly said, "What is this, Desperate Housecats?".

Not only does her flirtatious behavior drive Hubby crazy, it really interferes with Nora's quality of life. When in the throes of heat, she does not eat or sleep properly, all she does is writhe on the floor and caterwaul. But all that ends today.

This morning, I dropped Nora off at our vet, to have her spayed. I get to call at 2 pm to see how she did, then she will come home tomorrow. We do not want any kittens right now, and it is so much better for her health. She will calm down as well, and allow Hubby to have some personal space, because right now, she even follows him in to the bathroom. Even Mommy doesn't do that.

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Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Update: I called the vet to check on Nora, and the surgery went well; however, the original plan of her staying overnight for observation had to be scrapped. She was giving them a really hard time, hissing and crying anytime anyone walked past her. She was being so nasty they asked me to come get her this afternoon. When I got there I saw that they had written "AGGRESSIVE (scared)" in large letters in her chart, then back on her kennel, they had a red caution sign. Poor Norakins, her eyes were as big as silver dollars. I finally got her in the carrier, and got her home. Once she was confined to the spare room, I opened her carrier. She let me hold her and kiss her head, with just a small growl. Poor poor kitty.