Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Once the patient, now the nurse

I woke up in a rotten mood today, I mean cranky with a capital C. I have been having bad dreams, plus Dex has been really naughty lately. And this morning I had to wake up early to take him for his third round of shots at the vet. We get outside for him to do his business and for me to get a sample, and it is pouring rain. CRANK CRANK CRANK.

After my shower, I climb in bed, and grouse because Hubby has to leave for work (I always beg him to stay). As soon as he leaves, Nora senses that I am in this lousy mood, and climbs on the bed with me.

She immediately begins a massive dose of TLC, loving all up on me. And loving me fiercely. She is rubbing her head against my face, cuddling up on me, caressing my face with her paws, as if to say, "it's ok Mommy, I feel better now, and you will feel better too".


I am totally cured.

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kalyxcorn said...

aw, feel better soon!