Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boo boo- by Nora

As you can see, I am home and feeling better, so Mommy said I could write to all you nice people and let you know how things went.

Yesterday morning, when Daddy picked me up and we headed toward the purple bag (carrier) I knew something was up. Last time I went in that bag, they poked me in the rump, and I was cross, so I figured this was not going to be any better. But I went in without too much fuss, because I did not want to hurt Daddy. Daddy is my favorite. Then Mommy drove me to the evil place, which she calls VET. I don't like VET at all. The smells are weird, the people are strange, and there are all these icky furry things in there.

So when we got to VET, they put me in a jail cell. Now, I know I can be cranky, but I am pretty sure I did not break the law! But Mommy explains that I have to see the doctor for something called surgery, and it will make me feel better in the long run. I trust Mommy on this one. But the next thing I know, Mommy is GONE, and I get very very upset. I start asking everyone where my mommy is, but apparently they do not speak the same language as I do, because they all get very scared of me. They must think I am yelling.

The next thing I know, they give me some medicine that makes me sleepy, and as I am getting drowsy, they take me out of my cell and into another room. And that is all I remember, until I wake up back in my cell, with my tummy shaved and a long boo boo on it, all glued shut. And it HURTS. Now I really am yelling, I WANT MY MOMMY. Fortunately, Mommy came to get me about an hour later. I was so scared by the time she got there, I did not realize it was her at first, and did not want to go in the purple bag. But then I remembered who she was, and got in the bag. Then Mommy called me goodkitty, and I knew everything would be ok.

Mommy took me home, and put me in the yellow room upstairs, where I like to hang out sometimes. She said she would shut the door and let me rest. Later, she and Daddy came to check on me, and I was a little upset, because I was still in pain, so I got mad at Mommy. Luckily, Mommy knew I was just cranky and did not get mad back.

Today, I am feeling better. I am still in the yellow room, and my food, water, and potty are up here too. Mommy came up early this morning and loved on me by giving my head rubs, which I loved. I told her I was sorry. Then mommy squirted some medicine in my mouth and told me to rest. She checked on me an hour later, and I told her I was lonely. So after a while she brought my brother Dexter up to see me. I did not feel like playing, but it was nice to see him, and I was really happy to have Mommy love on me some more.

She said I was doing so good that I could go ahead and write to you all to tell you I am doing ok. I am hoping I get to leave the yellow room soon, but in a way, it makes me feel kind of like a princess to have everyone waiting on me. But I know I am going to be just fine, because I am a tuff kitty!

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