Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Counting Canine Calories?

Today I think I have officially seen everything.  While shopping for some new treats for Dex, I stumbled upon this:

100 calorie packs for dogs.  Really?

Right now, Dex is still technically a puppy, and our vet told us to not worry about him consuming too much food or too many calories at this point, because he is still growing and using lots of energy.  But I know at some point, we may been to tighten up his food intake a little, so that he does not get too plump.  Doxies can easily put on too much weight, and it can cause major health issues.  So I get the importance of watching intake, but come on, 100 calorie packs?

What is next, Doggie Weight Watchers?  I refuse to calculate points for my dog, I have a hard enough time remembering to do my own.

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♥ Sallie said...

The vet yells at Dawn that I am overweight. I try to be good, but even paper looks yummy to me. :)