Friday, November 19, 2010


Dexter was a naughty dog today, and got put in timeout.

Just this week, Dex discovered he could climb the steps to our second story.  He was very excited to learn this, and would try to sneak up at every chance.  Usually, we would be able to stop him before he got upstairs.  Today, he shot up there before I could say "stop your furry little butt".  So up go up, and using my nice calm Mommy voice, try to convince him to come downstairs and play with me.  No deal.  Then I try to bribe him with a pork chomp.  No such luck.  When this dog turns down food, I know we have a problem.  I had to put on my stern Mommy voice and tell him to get out from under the bed.  And then, it became a battle of wills.

He proceeded to hide under the bed, and out-maneuver me for the next ten minutes, until the stern Mommy voice became the yelling Mommy voice.  When I finally got him out, he knew he was in trouble.  He was put in timeout, and lost his favorite toy.  He never made a peep until Daddy got home.  Luckily Daddy convinced me that Dex was really sorry, and still deserved to go to our fun outing that we had planned tonight, at which he was very very well behaved.

So, now, I guess we need a baby gate for the stairs.  Geesh.

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