Sunday, November 28, 2010

My pets are neurotic... just like me

It has come to my attention that Dexter and Nora are more like me than I realized.  They both have nervous neurotic tendencies.  Just like Mommy.

First Dexter had major adjustment issues regarding the dining room.  To accommodate our Thanksgiving diners, we had to bring our extra table and chair set up from the basement and set it up in the dining room.  Luckily, our dining room was plenty big enough to accommodate all 10 chairs and both tables.  And when it was first up here, Dex was fine.  And then....I put the tablecloths on.  Something about those white paper tablecloths creeped Dex out so bad he would not set foot in the dining room.  The problem is, he has to walk through that room to get to the back door to go potty.  It made for 3 days of headaches.  Even after I took the tablecloths off Friday morning, he still would not go in.  Even after the extra table and chairs were gone, he still would not go in.    In fact, he would not freely walk into the dining room until the table and chairs we usually use were back in their precise locations.  Crazy dog.

And Nora, well, I think she has an inferiority complex.  She sees me cuddling with Dexter, and I think it makes her feel bad.  She was never really all that cuddly of a cat, but last night, she was all up in my business as I tried to read.  She literally licked my face the way Dexter does, for a good five minutes.  She rubbed all over my face, and literally laid in my arms.  Rest assured little girl, I love you every bit as much as I do Dexter.  Silly kitty.

At least I know they come by it honestly.

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thanks amigo! great post!