Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take your pet to work?

We were at two different businesses today that had pets in the workplace.  It seems to be a trend among small business owners.

We were at a bookshop, and there, in all his glory among the tomes, was a handsome cat.  He posed so nicely for me that I got a great picture, but I did not catch his name.  He did let me pet him a little.

Then, later today, we stopped at an insurance agency, and in there, the owners had a beautiful dog, looked like he was an Irish Setter, at least part.  His name was Boomer, and he gave me lovely doggie kisses.

Do any of you take your pets to work, or have pets be a part of your work from home routine?  I would love to work in an office with a pet, it would be so therapeutic I think.  Who could ever have a bad day at work if you shared your cubicle with this cutie?
He even had appropriate work attire...

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