Monday, November 8, 2010

The great escape

Well, she did it again.  Nora tried to escape tonight.  Apparently, she thought I was not being prompt enough with getting her food, and she decided to strike out on her own to find dinner.

I had opened up the back door to ask Hubby a question, as he was taking out the trash.  It was pitch dark out, and in a split second, she had darted out the door.  We were running all over the yard to try to herd her back into the house, but since it was dark out, and she is black, we could not see her.  Suddenly, like a rebellious teenager, she hopped the fence and took off.

Fortunately, Hubby got her back into the house with promises of a delicious dinner.  I took her right downstairs and fed her.  Now she is romping with Dexter, like nothing ever happened.

Thanks for the scare Nora.  Don't you know Halloween is over?  Geesh.

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