Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ugly Dog Toys

We ran to the store tonight to get some more Pork Chomps for Dex, he really loves them and they are helping with the chewing.  While we were there, we saw what was hands down the ugliest dog toy I have ever seen:

What the.....

a cross dressing Santa hooker chicken?

Why would anyone ever buy that horrific thing for their dog?  Do you ever buy ugly dog toys?  I do not mean ugly cute ones either, like little monsters or something, I mean ugly ugly.

Who ever thought this thing was a good idea?

Oh sure, Dex would happily chew its head off and rip out the squeaker just as lustily as he would a cute toy, but, I would have to look at this thing until he mauled it enough to justifying throwing it away.  Why, just why?

I guess when a toy is functional, it does not have to be pretty, like rope toys, or kongs.  But something like this, I would be embarrassed to have it in my house.  Tell me friends, do any of you have embarrassing toys at home?

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Minna Krebs said...


We saw them at our favorite Pet Store too! I think they haves a plain big rubber chicken lady and versions for all da big holidays (like Valentines Day, Christmas, etc)

As my momma remembers....they not cheap either!