Thursday, May 6, 2010

Every day a new game

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Dexter is at such a fun stage right now, every day he seems to discover a new game to play. While some of them, like Steal Daddy's Slipper or Chew Mommy's Flip Flop, get him into big trouble, most of them are good clean puppy fun.

As I sit here typing this, he is running laps around the coffee table, one clockwise, one counterclockwise, then into the crate and back out again. He has been doing this for about ten minutes. He is getting good exercise, that is for sure. He still loves to chase his sister Nora, and now he is almost as big as her, so he can put up a better fight.

Monday, we discovered a fun game called Bubble Hunting, and Dexter just loves this one. He goes nuts when I bring out the bubbles, and, well, watch for yourself...

When he hears the video play, he freaks out because he thinks he is getting to play with bubbles again. Looks like I will be stocking up on Dollar Tree bubbles :)

I feel bad, because I clearly write more about Dex than I do Nora, but Nora is pretty laid back and independent, I mean, that is what cats do, you know. So, Nora, if you want more PR, you better step up your game.

But you all know I love them both equally :)

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Lisa said...

That is so cute! He looks like he is having so much fun :-)