Saturday, May 8, 2010

My first award!

I am so excited that my blogging friend and fellow pet mom, Maggie, super mom to the MilShelb, picked me to win my very first blog award!

She chose me as one of her ten, so now I get to list ten things I love, and pick ten people to give the award to.

Things I Love:
1. Hubby. He is my best friend on this earth. He loves me unconditionally, supports me 110%, thinks I am beautiful even when I first wake up in the morning, and has taught me how to be the woman God created me to be. Thank goodness he was so patient, waiting for me for so long, listening to me whine about my bad date stories, being the kind of man I always wanted and never thought I deserved. I love you Stephen, more than words could ever express.

2. Our "kids". I love Nora and Dexter with all my heart. I never knew how much love you could have for an animal until these two came into my life. They really are my kids, and even if we have babies some day, they will always be my kids. I just love snuggling up with them, and getting sweet puppy and kitty kisses.

3. My family and friends. I have an incredibly supportive group of people in my life. My parents, siblings, in laws, old friends, new friends. Each and every one of you have touched me in a way that has forever changed me. I love you all tremendously.

4. Books. I know it seems silly to love books, and it makes me sound like a huge nerd, but I am ok with that. I love the magical power books have to transport me to different times and places. I love to learn new things. I love the feel of a book in my hands. And I love sharing a great read with other people.

5. Cooking for Hubby. I have always loved cooking, but never got to do a lot of it as a single woman. I tire of leftovers easily, so as a singleton I got used to making easy meals for one. Now that I am married, and we have lots of couple friends, I love nothing more than to make a big dinner for Hubby, maybe invite some friends over, and enjoy the food and the conversation.

6. Fresh cut flowers. Long ago, before I met Hubby, I got in the habit of occasionally buying fresh cut flowers for my apartment. Since we met, and moved into the house, Hubby usually shows up with flowers, for no specific reason, once every 4-6 weeks. It provides such a nice touch to the dinner table, and reminds me that he cares. I am so lucky (see number 1).

7. Tuesday nights. Recently, I have gotten into a routine of having Bible study on Tuesday nights with my friends E and J. We make snacks, have our study, and then watch Glee. I have never had such a great relationship with girlfriends before, so I look forward to Tuesday nights so much. Plus, ok, I admit it, I love Glee. Total Gleek, right here.

8. Blankets. There is something so comforting about blankets to me. I can not sleep without one. And the softer the blanket, the better I sleep. I will make it ridiculously cold in my house in the summer, just to justify sleeping with a blanket.

9. Fireworks. Maybe it is the kid in me, but I always have loved, and suspect I always will love, fireworks. I always wished I could share a beautiful fireworks display with the man I loved, to me this was the ultimate romantic moment. Last summer I got to, and you know what, I was right. So romantic.

10. Blogging. I have to admit how much I love to blog. I have 3 very different blogs that I maintain currently. I love it. I can not get enough. It has given me a creative outlet, and a purpose that I felt I was lacking. I hope to someday springboard it into a writing career, but for now I am greatly enjoying writing my blogs, and meeting all kinds of wonderful people by reading their blogs.

Which leads me to my ten award winners, from various blogs on various subjects:

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3. Baxter and Mommy at Kalyxcornucopia
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9. K. Dawn Byrd at K. Dawn Byrd
10. Michelle at Michelle V.'s Blog


Tori [Book Faery] said...

Congrats on your first award! That one's always the most exciting :)

And thank you for nominating my blog for this too

A MilShelb Mom said...

We have so much in common! I LOVE Glee, too! It's so good! I also love blankets and making the house cold to use them. lol I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)