Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting big and making friends- By Dexter

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Ok, so, wow, I have not personally talked to you nice people in a while, and the last 24 hours have been so so exciting for me.

Let's start with last night. Mommy and Daddy decided to take me for a walk, I just love going for walks now. The big noisy cars scare me a little, but Mommy calls that "healthy fear". Anywhosits, we walked up to this big house, and Daddy rang the doorbell. Immediately, I hear barkies from inside. Turns out, we went to visit a friend of Mommy and Daddy's who lives just a couple of blocks from us. And, it also turns out.....they have a doxie!

His name is Linus, and he is a full grown doxie, not a mini like me. At first, I was really scared of him, but Mommy convinced me that he just wanted to play. Finally, I warmed up to him, and we romped around for about an hour. Mommy tried to take pictures, but they are blurry because we were moving so fast.

You can see he is much bigger than me, and he is a handsome doggie. I hope I am as handsome as him when I grow up! His Daddy told my Mommy and Daddy all sorts of tips and things that I might like to eat and play with. I am so excited to have made a new friend, and one who lives so close. There was even talk of getting together to play in the grass, which made my heart pitter patter!!!

After all that, I was bushed and went right to sleep last night. Imagine my surprise when bright and early this morning Mommy and I got ready and got in the car. Turns out, I had to go to the vet for my very last shot, my rabies vaccine. This was the first time Mommy let me walk in on my leash, and it was a little scary from that point of view, let me tell you. But I did good, and met more doggies there, which is always fun. Shout outs to my two new lady doxie pals from the vet, Pickle and Katie!

So, they finally call our name, and step one is getting weighed. Guess what I weigh. You will never believe it. 6.9 POUNDS!!! Mommy says I am growing like a weed. After that the docs came in an looked at me, and told me a bee stung my bum, but I know it was really my shot. I do not get mad at them, they are just trying to keep me healthy! They said my ears look much better, and I got a new tag for being grown up enough to get my rabies shot!

Then it was time to go. I did so good at the vet Mommy said I could drive....

ok not really, but it was fun to pretend.

When we got out of the car at home, I saw the mail lady, and I love her, so Mommy let me wait for her outside. We noticed a little white doggie following her, so Mommy called him over, and was upset, thinking he was lost. Turns out he was visiting our neighbor, and got so excited when he saw me, he jumped over the wall to visit me. Wasn't that nice of him to visit? His Mommy did not seem to happy about it, and so I said, maybe next time, we make plans instead of you running away. His name was Eddie, Hi Eddie!!!

OH AND...... I met another doggie last weekend, his name was Zeke, his Mommy and Daddy are friends with my Mommy and Daddy. We were all at a party and I wanted to PLAY but Zeke seemed shy. Maybe next time.

So, yeah, life is good, I am making friends, pestering my sister, kissing Mommy and Daddy lots, and apparently, growing like a weed!

Until next time, lots of tail wags and kisses from


A MilShelb Mom said...

It's always nice to see other doggie friends! I love that!

Hannalei said...

ok .. the last picture just made me go Awweeeeeeee I LOVE love love me some back of the Dachsie head shots. Their lil ears are just so kissable from that angle. :)