Saturday, May 1, 2010

Want to see what the prize is?

Ok, so, I thought maybe more people would be interested in my contest if they could actually see what it is they were vying for.

So, with no further ado, the National Pet Week Giveaway Prize Package:

So here is what we've got:
  • soccer ball toy
  • a two pack of collar charms (one is a cupcake, one is a heart)
  • gourmet dog treats from Honey's Bakery
  • one pack of Pedigree Jumbones for small dogs
  • a Bags on Board leash attachment, with bags (to clip clean up bags to your leash for a fuss free walk)
  • leopard print plush toy
  • camouflage rope toy
  • 3 pack of doggie tennis balls
  • insulated coffee cup that says "Dog Person"
  • pink Snuggie, size small

I should mention I have received no compensation by any of the makers of these products. I simply hand picked them to sponsor something fun and make my readers and friends happy.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. Please consider entering if you have not already. You can find out what you do to enter by reading about the giveaway here.

Dexter seems to think it's a cool prize...
and we hope that you do too. Please enter, and enjoy National Pet Week.

Oh, and if you, like some of the other entrants, have kitties, be sure to let me know when you enter :) It will come in handy when getting ready to give away a kitty prize package!